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First Product Review!!! Unisex Its always sweat time sweatshirt.

First Impressions

The first thing that caught my eye was the blue. The pastel baby blue looks like the sky on a summer day. The second thing that grabbed my attention was how lightweight it was. To me it is very important having a sweatshirt that is not to hot but not too cold either. On the downside it also came out of the package wrinkled ,but I have yet to iron it or wash it. I believe they will come out.



Great color choices

Soft inside

Embroidered logo of quality

its really stylish without being too flashy or heavy on the graphics

Fits true to size. It is not baggy nor is it too loose


Wrinkled from the packaging

Wrist Cuffs are a bit too cuffed.


For the price it was worth it. I wanted a well made sweat shirt to wear to the gym during colder days and it delivers the functionality. I absolutely love the colors as well. They look just like the picture. I would recommend if you enjoy pastel colors, need a new sweat shirt for the fall, and if it overall just appeals to you.

Signing off SARS FOUNDER.

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